Jesus and the Christ Consciousness

I remember the story of the Pharisee named Nicodemus, one of the rulers of the Jews as mentioned in the gospel. He was a man of high position. Because of what he had heard and observed, he paid a visit to Jesus. His question to Jesus is very relevant NOW. He had taken upon himself to investigate Jesus. Because of who he was, he secretly approached Jesus and said “Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God, for no man can do these miracles that I thou does except who is jesus God sent him.” Jesus answered him and said, “Verily verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” John 3:1-3. For Nicodemus to approached Jesus in a manner that he did, took great courage on his part. It is with this courage now that we must all choose to approach this same cross roads in our life. If we have been paying attention to the recent changes taken place all over the world, we would see evidence of the old paradigm breaking down. What is apparent now is a new paradigm is announcing itself to the world.

Truth keeps on changing and our assumption about the nature of existence is now in the process of change. It became obvious to me that discovery and awareness changes perspective. New paradigm requires new understanding, wisdom, and acceptance. As we merge with the tide of the new paradigm shift, it will pick us up and move us faster and faster into right relationships, right action, and right opportunities, then we will be in position to let go of the past and acknowledge what is true for each of our individual lives while letting innate intelligence or heart sense express itself through us. In the process of merging the heart sense will increase its current, which will be noticed as a feeling of love and a new found peace and stillness will be the result. This will create the right resonance to attract the corresponding dream for each individual. Each life will unfold effortlessly, beautifully, and it is in our acceptance of what is that we can ask for more. It is really in our ideas of what truth is that prevents the freedom of individual thought. Then it will become apparent that there is a fundamental illusion about Jesus ‘message. Which translate into the error of a belief, is enough to enter heaven? Jesus message was not understood. This error was not made by Jesus, but by those who misunderstood his message. What is becoming apparent now is Jesus told us to follow him. To follow Jesus, it would be wise to develop Christ consciousness within your inner being. This will bring about a new consciousness which will allow us to access our higher power and let go our limiting beliefs allowing us to expand and change them to create perfection as a new “heaven on earth.”

This awakening is taken place all over the world, where all will start to let go the primordial forgetfulness within the consciousness of man. Where the vale is slowly lifting and self-realization will be actualized by humanity all over the world. With more and more people waking up their intuitive power by where the soul directly apprehend its true nature as an individualized potential coming from the one source of the essence of everything.

I remember when I was at school a long time ago. The teacher had just introduced us to the British poet Wordsworth. His poetry was all about the pervading spirit. Looking back now, I know and feel that he would have experienced similar experiences that I have had. We both became aware of wisdom which was transferred through our personal experiences of spiritual reality. The times we live in now, offers opportunity for everyone to become aware of the potential of this moment. Every day more and more people are becoming aware of the practical method of intuitive knowing of truth through self-realization.

You are a soul. You are the immaculate idea of the Father Mother God but have lost your knowing of this fact. What I personally have experienced in my own life with all the limitations, fears and misconception of truth that I have experienced through a belief that God did not value me, I know now to be false These experiences allowed my conscious mind to think that life has no purpose and that was what came to pass with me. My total misidentification that I was only was body created a reality where my soul only identified with the flesh and the sense limitation of the five senses (sees, hear, smell, touch, and taste). This total attention trapped me in the limitation of this finite world. It was only when I acquired the ability to meditate that I started a journey to return home. I didn’t realize that my total consciousness was tied to the limitation of this life that I have. As my five senses had only that awareness they perceive. But once I started meditation, it opened me up to the realization of the sixth sense of intuition where the outer experiences were not the only experiences which I had. New awareness with different new perception had announced themselves to me. Now I am experiencing the seventh sense which I call Heart sense.

If you have read some of my previous articles, you would know that I have mentioned that modern science is also moving into a new paradigm about physics and the meaning of life. Throughout the world there are new and innovative great work been carried out by Institute that study the subtle energy systems that have become known through new perception. As knowledge in itself has limitation. These limitations are boundaries of the limited conscious mind. It is the conscious mind which created these boundaries. At this point, I would like you to refer to what Albert Einstein said; basically he said that “the intelligence that created the problem cannot solve the problems.” So with new innovative evolutionary thinking, man is now discovering new insights about how the brain works. Until the boundaries are removed or dismantled, man’s soul will be imprisoned in the sensory limitation of the mortal body.

My question for you, “How could man see, feel and know the kingdom of heaven if his soul is still earth bound?” Without meditation the soul remains earth bound. This is through free will of allowing the conscious mind mastery over your soul.

It is only when each individual chooses to begin a spiritual journey will the aligning start to take place. Spiritual growth is achieved by aligning with the spiritual current which mankind is currently feeling which are coming from both the personality and mind of spirit. This feeling nature is activated by the desire to love. The love I speak about is non-judgemental, unconditional and always expanding. This leads me to the definition for the term of “Christ Consciousness” which I will state as Christ Consciousness is the growing recognition and blending of the human evolutionary ego with that of divine mind and the divine personality. This is be the source of human happiness and fulfilment. This is that state of our true nature, our higher self and our birthright as children of spirit. It is the realization of the faith that God is speaking inwardly to each and every soul through the heart and the vibration of his/her being. It is God and God alone who reveals the essence of all that is in humanity and at the perfect right time.

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