LED Manufacturers – Going green With LED Technology

LED technology has come a long way since the 1980’s. Traditionally only suited for use in electronics and appliances (think VCR clocks and microwave ovens), LED has now come of age and is starting to make a considerable impact on the movement toward greener, cleaner energy solutions. Air Disinfection Unlike incandescent or halogen bulbs, LED lighting converts 90% of its power into usable energy – filling a room with ample light. With new enhancements in LED manufacturing, buyers can now take advantage of the full spectrum of colors, including a pure white “noon day” light that provides increased clarity and sharpness to objects without causing eye strain or glare.

Unlike incandescent or fluorescent lights, LED technology also contains no filaments, ballasts or starters. Compared to conventional lighting systems, LED lighting requires far less maintenance and can last up to 50, 000 hours while still putting out up to 70% of its original light. LED lights don’t burn out, but fade out gradually, requiring less time and effort than typical light bulbs.

Because LED bulbs are so energy efficient, they can potentially cut your energy bill by 50% or more. Replacing a typical three tube fluorescent light (with each light putting out 32 watts) with LED bulbs (with each light putting out 15 watts) cuts energy costs by over half while still producing the same amount of light. But perhaps the most important benefit of switching to LED lighting is its impact on the environment.

Nearly 50, 000 pounds of mercury waste are dumped into landfills every year because of fluorescent lights that are disposed of. Of that 50, 000 pounds of mercury, it takes only 4 milligrams to poison 7, 000 gallons of water and render it undrinkable. When you consider how precious our fragile water system is, it just makes good sense to get rid of outdated fluorescent bulbs and high-maintenance incandescent. What’s more, LED lights are fully recyclable – so you not only help the environment by reducing your power usage and saving money, but you help contribute to ecological sustainability by choosing lights that are cleaner and greener than their counterparts.

In addition to the energy and money saving benefits that people are discovering with the transition to LED lighting, statewide organizations and even the federal government are noticing too. Local power plants, state energy programs and federal departments are making energy-upgrading incentives available across the country. Depending on where you live, you may be able to upgrade to LED technology to meet mandated energy use requirements for your local area.

To learn more about the benefits of installing an LED lighting system in your home and how much you could be saving, consult with your LED manufacturer or supplier. You may learn that the savings are far more impressive than the lighting system you’ve been using all these years. When it comes to cleaner energy, more money in your pocket and less of an impact on the environment, Going green with LED Technology brings tangible results that are clear in any light!

LED Manufacturers are not all created equal. When finding the best one to work with, one must perform lots of research. Joe Giovinco and his team at Geo Trade LTD work hard to study this subject. If you are seeking more information, please visit the industry-leading authority LEDManufacturer. org for the most up-to-date articles and posts about these types of lighting solutions. Today, the world is in a continuous search for new ways to save energy and fuel, and LED manufacturers seem always ready to lend a hand. The methods they use to complete this task are diverse.

First of all, the companies that produce LED lighting devices usually run informative campaigns trying to draw the public attention towards the advantages offered by their products. They use television commercials, written articles and especially the internet to reach their purpose.

In the meantime, a major concern for all the companies activating in this field is to find new, innovative production technologies that would help them improve the quality of their products and keep the prices at a low level. They are aware of the fact that their success will draw more and more customers and boost their sales volume.

How LED Manufacturers Reach Their Goals

– Staying in touch with the market’s trends – They must be one step ahead of their competition, anticipating the needs and desires of their clients. For this, a great deal of research is done every year, to find new and interesting applications for their products.

– Competitive websites – They are another efficient mean of making LED lighting solutions popular. Visiting them, any interested company or person can find details about the technical specifications and effectiveness of each product. Prices are provided as well. More than that, visitors have the possibility to compare products based not only on price, but also on design and technical details.

– Sales facilities – Discounts are often offered in order to attract new clients and ensure the loyalty of the existing ones. Most discounts apply to the number of purchased items, under slogans like “the more you buy the less you pay”. Some LED manufacturers run their own chain of retail stores, while others develop long term collaborations with certain suppliers, based on exclusivity contracts.

– Online advice – It is another strategy to promote the benefits of LED lighting. Useful repair tips are provided in order to enable users to fix broken devices, but also valuable advice on how to recognize high quality products, how to choose reliable suppliers or how to install various light fixtures. This way, LED manufacturers show that they have nothing to hide and they are not afraid of the competition.

– Recycling – Some companies, besides producing brand new devices, also specialize in recycling and refurbishing the used ones. They are later resold at considerably lower prices. These strategies bring about important benefits, like the contribution to maintaining a cleaner, less polluted environment.

– Information – Besides following and adopting the latest production techniques and surprising their customers with new, more attractive and more efficient models, manufacturers also have to keep in touch with their clients, to keep track of the reactions their products stir and also promote any new products or technologies.

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