What you need to Look for In Luxury Resorts

These days, the word “luxury” is applied to everything that provides the best, whether it’s coffee blends to detergents and of course to hotels and resorts. However, those who are well-versed in the art of luxury hotels and resorts know that the word “luxury” means something that is not just meant for the rich and elite but something more specific and customized.

Top 10 best luxury resorts in the Caribbean - the Luxury Travel Expert

First off, what does the term luxury resort mean? How do you determine that a hotel or resort is a luxury one? Generally, luxury resorts and hotels are those rated as five stars. This rating is based on several criteria that  Best Wedding Resort Hotel in Meerut   are each given a particular rating and the overall rating is what defines them. These criteria usually include room size and comfort levels as well as décor and overall design.

Level of service from staff and management, food service, security and privacy as well as amenities are also included as well. This star rating is what distinguishes one hotel or resort from another and those consistently rated as five stars are usually defined as luxury hotels and resorts. As an establishment that does everything to perfection, guests at luxury hotels pay more substantial rates and therefore have a right to expect more for their money.

So what makes an excellent luxury resort hotel? The advent of the internet these days has made everything easier, from buying groceries to paying bills and as such, people expect that when booking or making reservations for luxury resort hotels online, they will find the reservation and booking process, easy and streamlined for potential guests. Each site must list down in detail the best features and amenities their resorts have to offer, including room availability, rates, pictures of the rooms they have and more importantly their complete physical address and contact numbers.

One thing about luxury guests is that they hate to wait. So when you arrive at your luxury hotel and resort, your check in must be fast, easy and discreet and your luggage should be delivered to your rooms within 10 minutes of settling in. The room assigned to you should be exactly what you booked as far as specifications are concerned – with a view, near the elevators, pet-friendly, with a king-sized bed and with an indoor Jacuzzi… you get the point.

Your room itself should have ample air conditioning, large balcony views, complete kitchen and laundry facilities (if necessary). Luxury resort guests often prefer rooms with sleek and modern designs, high-quality furnishing and lots of privacy. Fast and efficient room service is not a bad thing to ask for as well.

Of course, you also need the bathrooms to be in the most excellent condition as possible. These days, it’s not too much to ask for his and hers marble sinks that aren’t chipped or a marble tub big enough for two. There should also be plenty of fluffy towels, a makeup mirror with lights and the most important thing of all, good water pressure.

The best facilities are also something that separate luxury resort hotels from their less expensive counterparts. Heated pools that have changing rooms with showers and a toilet, a fully-equipped gymnasium with trainers on call 24/7, private cinema and spas are just the start. They must also have childrens’ play area, game rooms and internet lounges, as well as club/bar lounges for when the adults want to have a little fun night out. Oh, and let’s not forget complimentary parking is also a great thing.

And last, but certainly not the least, you also need to look for luxury resort hotels that provide transport to the city hub, where you can check out the best bars, cafes, restaurants, family-friendly theme parks and shopping centers to while away the time. These days, it is easy to plan the perfect holiday and it is even easier to decide where you want to stay without worrying about your budget.

The Mantra Circle on Cavill is not one of the top resorts for nothing. Check out this luxury resort that’s located in the heart of bustling and vibrant Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast on Gold Coast Luxury Resorts and experience a truly luxurious holiday without denting your budget.

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