Why Play Online Bingo

In my opinion online bingo is the better option; let’s look at the facts if you’re playing a bricks and mortar bingo hall you to wait until a break until you can either, go to the toilet, buy yourself a drink, play on a slot or even go for a cigarette. If you’re playing online bingo, the fact that the software auto daubs the tickets for you means that after you bought your tickets, you can do almost anything slot you want whilst the game is in play, for example if you need a cigarette you can smoke one, if you need a drink, you can go and put the kettle on or go to the fridge, if you fancy playing on a slot most sites have bingo slots that you can play alongside the main bingo games.

Another reason that online bingo comes out on top, is the camaraderie in the bingo chat rooms, the chat masters or chat hosts really do a great job in keeping the chat room moving whether it be by encouraging players to interact with others or by running chat games which can net you instant prizes. But what about actually interacting with real people I hear you say? To be honest unless you are out with a group of friends how often do you actually talk to the other players in a real life bingo hall? There is more interaction between players in an online game as you can actually talk to others whilst the game is in play.

One of the other good points of online bingo are the welcome bonuses, some sites will give you £1 without the need to deposit, other sites will give you good deals such as if you spend £5 on bingo tickets you can receive anything from between £15 and £30 absolutely free, also the majority of sites will give you a reload bonus ranging from between 10% and 50% on your second deposit on the site.


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